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Katalytic means Transformative.

Hey there - I'm Kathleen Rumford, and while I founded Katalytic in 2018, I've been in the transformative business for many years. After graduating with my Masters degree in software engineering, I began a journey of helping businesses develop and implement software and systems that transformed the way they worked and conducted business. 

Along the way, I too have undergone the transformative power of experiences and personal development. This growth along with my expertise in Tech, Finance, Automations, Operations, and Education have led me to this place in time.

I believe now is the time for businesses and non-profits to transform their marketing strategies to meet people where they are today in a more personal and service-oriented way.

With excellence and integrity, Katalytic Digital utilizes cutting-edge Messaging automations (for Facebook and Instagram), Branded mobile Apps, and innovative Video technology to help clients build, grow, and expand their businesses and leads online, while creating personal connections with their customers and increasing net revenue. 

Who is Katalytic Digital?

Certified Messaging Automations Agency

Katalytic Digital is certified in Messenger automations (thru Chatmatic) and in Instagram Direct Message automations (thru School of Bots). This differentiates us, since we are able to deliver cutting-edge quality Messaging automations for both Facebook and Instagram, which most marketing agencies are not trained to do.

With the focus on building chatbots for Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Message, we are part of an ongoing Messaging Automations mastery group led by a few of the leading chatbot educators... continually staying on the cutting edge.

Software Nerds

We are tech nerds by choice, education, and extensive experience in software and systems development. Our Messenger and Instagram marketing automations with relevant Facebook ads, Branded Business apps, and Video outreach software are all tools in our toolbelt. We look for what makes sense for your business and find innovative ways to utilize the cutting-edge tools at our disposal.

Exceptional Service

We are a boutique agency that works alongside your current marketing team, introducing the under-utilized Messenger & Instagram DM automations marketing channel to increase your monthly revenue.

We limit the number of clients we work with at any given time in order to focus on each client with excellence and integrity. That is part of our mission statement, and we take it very seriously so we can overdeliver for our clients.

Schedule a 30 minute complimentary call to review your business needs and explore opportunities for Automations in your business.

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