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Growth for Good!

Katalytic partners with you to convert quality leads into Messenger subscribers and ultimately into long-term customers, increasing your net-revenue by 10-20%.

We Are Experts in Online Lead Generation and Advanced Conversational Marketing Automation

Conversational marketing is an automated conversation / outreach with those who engage with your brand/business. Interestingly, it's a personalized authentic approach to doing business online, allowing a person (customer, team member, prospect) to move through a process in their own time to a point where 1-1 interaction is then of greater value.

Our Services Include:

Messenger Automation

Multi-channel list building

Whether through Facebook ads, email campaigns, or organic reach, our top goal is to generate Messenger subscribers for your business. We do this thru automated personal Messenger conversations -- informative and actionable Q&A with customers, clients, team members, and prospects -- leading them to a clear call to action. They get the information that they need when they want it, so they can make decisions regarding what is being proposed or offered, and you build your lists (Messenger subscriber, email, and potentially SMS), while experiencing happy customers and 10-25% revenue growth. 

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Video Marketing

Surprise & Delight your tribe

Video marketing is an active and surprising way for people to receive cold or warm touchpoint marketing from your business, asking them to take some kind of action. Imagine a customer or prospect receiving a personalized video from your brand, where you share something of value and give them one or more actionable items that you're calling them to. Personalized video marketing with Call-To-Action requests nurtures your leads / team members and drives engagement & sales.

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Tech Integration

Anything is possible

 Now imagine the possibilities of combining the power of Messenger automation with the surprising engagement of Video outreach... or vice versa... integrating video outreach from within a Messenger automation. Well, that's exactly what we're doing! I don't see any tech as the "end all/ be all". I see each as a tool in the master's toolbelt. How can they be wielded for the most powerful good imaginable? That's where our collective minds come into play... How can WE up the game in YOUR business, creating raving fans, while increasing net revenue?

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Katalytic means Transformative.

Hey there - I'm Kathleen Rumford, and while I founded Katalytic in 2018, I've been in the transformative business for many years. After graduating with my Masters degree in software engineering, I began a journey of helping businesses develop and implement software and systems that transformed the way they worked and conducted business. 

Along the way, I too have undergone the transformative power of experiences and personal development. This growth along with my expertise in Tech, Finance, Automations, Operations, and Education have led me to this place in time.

I believe now is the time for businesses and non-profits to transform their marketing strategies to meet people where they are today in a more personal and service-oriented way.

With excellence and integrity, Katalytic Digital utilizes cutting-edge Messenger automations and innovative Video technology to help clients build, grow, and expand their businesses and leads online, while creating personal connections with their customers and increasing net revenue. 

What others are saying...

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Paige Battcher

CEO, Kismet Ideas

"Kathleen is a seasoned and extremely polished professional who brings expertise to planning, project execution, and systems planning/analysis. Her maturity, discipline, compassion, and insight are critical to the seamless execution of complex projects. Kathleen expertly led transformation of our website and of our internal financial and business operations systems. She is our go-to collaborative partner to make things happen with excellence.”

Mark Tribus & Nate Allen

Partners at TribusAllen, Inc.

"An incredibly hard worker with the highest standards, Kathleen processes information quickly and thoroughly and makes things happen. I was very impressed with her both technically and as a leader. She demonstrated great planning, drive, and an eye towards excellence, keeping the organization running well alongside the other leaders."

Bill Russell

CTO, Mount Airey Group, Inc.

While we would love to work with everyone, as a small boutique digital marketing agency, we limit our conversational marketing clients to the following niches.

Real Estate

Luxury Furniture


Network Marketing


Law Firm


Non-profit organization




And Many More...

Are you Ready to Explore How Messenger & Video will Increase Your Leads, Build Your Lists, and Grow Your Business?

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