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Turn Your YouTube Channel & Videos Into Your Business' Most Profitable Asset

Are You a Purpose-Driven YouTube Content Creator (Entrepreneur, Small Business, Enterprise Business, Coach, etc…)?

If you're not already a monetized YouTube Partner, we can help you get there quickly with our Monetization Service. 

And for those of you who have already invested lots of time and hard work into your videos and YouTube channel, let's get it working harder and earning more with our Optimization and Distribution Services... no extra work on your part.

Using YouTube’s Algorithm to your Advantage, we get your videos ranked through optimization and make sure you're using all the channel tools at your disposal. We increase Traffic without ads, and we use Conversion Strategies to increase sales of your products/services.

>>Monetization Service

Within 90 days we get your channel to 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours so you can apply to YouTube's Partner Program and start getting paid for your channel views!

>>Optimization Service

We provide a Full channel audit & personalized strategy for your channel and individual videos. 
Based on your business objectives, our team optimizes key videos and other agreed upon work.

>>Optimization Consult

We provide a Full channel audit & personalized strategy for your team to optimize your channel and individual videos with our collaboration.

>>Distribution Service

We distribute strategically chosen videos to about 100 partner sites in order to explode your views, impact, and sales/views revenue.

What others are saying...

"Kathleen is detail-oriented in all that she does. She’s brings a powerful combination of analytical engineering, cutting edge strategy, and problem-solving implementation to any project she works on. It’s a combination all too rare and one of the reasons why Kathleen continues to impress!"

Paige Battcher

CEO, Kismet Ideas

"Kathleen is a seasoned and extremely polished professional who brings expertise to planning, project execution, and systems planning/analysis. Her maturity, discipline, compassion, and insight are critical to the seamless execution of complex projects. Kathleen expertly led transformation of our website and of our internal financial and business operations systems. She is our go-to collaborative partner to make things happen with excellence.”

Mark Tribus & Nate Allen

Partners at TribusAllen, Inc.

"An incredibly hard worker with the highest standards, Kathleen processes information quickly and thoroughly and makes things happen. I was very impressed with her both technically and as a leader. She demonstrated great planning, drive, and an eye towards excellence, keeping the organization running well alongside the other leaders."

Bill Russell

CTO, Mount Airey Group, Inc.

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