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I help you bring the right Tech at the right Time.

What counts in online & mobile marketing is flexibility, agility and creativity with the right tech at the right time.

Whether Chatbots, Responsive Websites, Apps, Video tools, AI, etc..., up-to-date technologies are necessary for you to keep and grow your market share. It's about choosing the most effective Tech tool(s) from your up-to-date toolbox (or that of your Marketing agency) at the appropriate time & placement. 

In the long run, you not only want to understand the wants, needs, pain points, and demands of your customer, but you want to reach them on the "right" channels with the "right" messages.  

Cutting-edge Tech to Increase Sales, Build Your List, Increase Customer Engagement, and Build "Know/Like/Trust".

Messaging Automations

Multi-channel list building

The focus of our Messaging Automations (for Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger) is fourfold:
1) strategically automate parts of your business, making your time AND your customers' time more effective, 2) meet new and current customers where they hang out and nurture those relationships, 3) build your multi-channel list (Messenger or Instagram Subscriber, email, and SMS) for future campaigns, and 4) increase sales and revenue by 10-25+%.


Responsive Websites

Communication in Hand

Your customer-facing website is your online presence, which helps to establish your credibility as a business. At Katalytic, we understand that. To give our clients the strongest advantage, we develop mobile-responsive websites, emphasize strong SEO, and include pixels for tracking user behavior & conversions and to be used for future marketing. We develop the majority of our websites using Groove.cm, a software suite that is a complete CRM and Marketing Automation Platform.


Video Marketing

Build "Know, Like, & Trust" factor

 Video marketing is an active and surprising way for people to receive cold and/or warm touchpoints from your business AND it's powerful! Of course, personalized video increases the "know/like/trust" factor, and Call-To-Action buttons underneath your video drive engagement & sales. Integrating this with the power of Messaging automations increases the possibilities and engagement. Let us show you how!


What others are saying...

"Kathleen is detail-oriented in all that she does. She’s brings a powerful combination of analytical engineering, cutting edge strategy, and problem-solving implementation to any project she works on. It’s a combination all too rare and one of the reasons why Kathleen continues to impress!"

Paige Battcher

CEO, Kismet Ideas

"Kathleen is a seasoned and extremely polished professional who brings expertise to planning, project execution, and systems planning/analysis. Her maturity, discipline, compassion, and insight are critical to the seamless execution of complex projects. Kathleen expertly led transformation of our website and of our internal financial and business operations systems. She is our go-to collaborative partner to make things happen with excellence.”

Mark Tribus & Nate Allen

Partners at TribusAllen, Inc.

"An incredibly hard worker with the highest standards, Kathleen processes information quickly and thoroughly and makes things happen. I was very impressed with her both technically and as a leader. She demonstrated great planning, drive, and an eye towards excellence, keeping the organization running well alongside the other leaders."

Bill Russell

CTO, Mount Airey Group, Inc.

TECH Empowerment: Advanced Messaging Automations,  Website Implementation, & Video Outreach

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