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"Instagram Direct automations through Facebook are brand new as of Summer 2021, and they are going to be a game changer for businesses that embrace their power."

Instagram DM Automations

From Algorithm to Inbox

Have you ever asked yourself the following: "Why is my Instagram engagement down?”, “Why am I getting fewer likes on Instagram?”, "Am I being shadowbanned?", or "How can I ever keep up with all my DMs and comments?"

Here are some reasons why you want to take advantage of the Instagram algorithm(s), while also bypassing it as much as possible. I'll help you do that using automations, while creating a multi-channel list (Email, Cell#, & Subscriber), so your brand/business can reach your followers' inboxes.

  • Be more in control of YOUR business and less on the whim of IG

  • Bypass the Instagram sensitivity filter (introduced July 2021)

  • Ensure that ALL of your followers are getting your most important posts through email and/or SMS text on cell phone (rather than posts from your competition)

  • Ensure you still have a business / followers in case Instagram shuts down or you get shadowbanned

  • Benefits of Instagram DM Automations

    Through automated Facebook Messenger and/or Instagram Direct Message conversations, you can ... Build a multi-channel list... Provide immediate customer service... Answer FAQs... Increase your monthly revenue by 10 to 35% thru increased customer satisfaction, increased communication, engaging organic campaigns, low cost ads, etc......

    Automate Responses to Post Comments

    You NO LONGER have to manually reply to comments on all of your posts! For ex: “Tag 2 friends below to receive discount code” or "Comment below to join my VIP group"... these can trigger an automated DM response with the information specific to that Post.

    Automate Responses to DMs on Stories

    You NO LONGER have to manually reply to DMs on your Stories OR use Swipe-Ups! For ex: “DM me 'Sneakers' for the discount code” or "DM me 'Action' to sign up for my training"... these can trigger an automated DM response with the information specific to that Story.

    Automate Responses to Stories Mentions

    If a person or brand mentions your business/brand in their Story, you can have an automated DM sent thanking them. You can also use to this build your ambassador program or ask for a testimonial.

    Automate Customer Service

    You can add a chatbot to your website for Customer Service and you can also setup a "Keyword Trigger" that can kick off automated customer service. For ex: setup the work "refund" and "shipping" to send an automated DM with refund info or shipping info.

    Build Your LISTS

    Your automated DMs can ask for email and cell#, and this can run 24/7! Then we can "Zap" that info over to your CRM, where you instantly sign someone up for webinar, or contest, or VIP, etc… whatever is relevant to your Post or Story. And everyone who goes thru one of your automated DMs becomes a Subscriber to your business.

    Monetize Your Lists

    Once you have multiple lists outside of Instagram, you can communicate with your people via email, text, and Sponsored Message. Whether you're sending Black Friday sale info, upcoming Webinar schedule, 5-day challenge info, you can now reach inboxes directly without the algorithm limiting your reach.