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"Facebook Messenger is a unicorn marketing channel: businesses are earning a 60-70% average open rate within the first hour. "

How Does Messenger™ Marketing Work?

Messenger Highlights

Messenger builds your list (Messenger subscribers, emails, and cell#) and  increases your monthly revenue by 10 to 25%+. But it's so much more than that! Messenger allows you to connect personally with your customers, provide excellent customer service, answer frequently asked questions, and move them to take action.

With Messenger subscribers, you can run inexpensive Sponsored Messages to them promoting contests, VIP promos, Thank You ads, Holiday Sales, Abandoned Cart ads...

Messenger Demo in Action

Through Messenger Marketing, you will build your list (Messenger subscribers, emails, and cell#) and  increase your monthly revenue by 10 to 25%! Messenger allows you to connect personally with your customers, provide excellent customer service, answer frequently asked questions, and move them to take action using Calls-To-Action.

Once you have Messenger subscribers, you can run inexpensive Sponsored Messages to them promoting contests, VIP promos, Thank You ads, Holiday Sales, Abandoned Cart reminders...


Covert Influencer

Businesses are looking for increased WARM leads, increased return-on-ad-spend (ROAS), and increased net revenue.

In this video, I summarize "The Covert Influencer" book by Travis Stephenson (CEO of Chatmatic), which delves into how Messenger Marketing works (click below for a free copy of the book). It's a good place to start learning, and there are a couple of free training sessions available for a deeper dive... or you can hire Katalytic to make this a reality for your business!


Benefits of Automated Messaging Campaigns

Through automated Facebook Messenger and/or Instagram Direct Message conversations, you can ... Build a multi-channel list... Provide immediate customer service... Answer FAQs... Increase your monthly revenue by 10 to 35% thru increased customer satisfaction, increased communication, engaging organic campaigns, low cost ads, etc......


Open Rates

Automated Messenger chatbots get 4x more opens than email... 80% open rate as compared to about 20% open rate.

Build your subscriber list on autopilot. When someone interacts with your Messenger automation, they become a Messenger subscriber for your business!


Opt-in Rate

Automated Messenger chatbot campaigns are consistently getting between 60%-80% opt in rate. 

On top of that, you can build 3 different “lists” (email, SMS, Messenger) all at once on autopilot - set it and forget it. These can be used in future campaigns.


Engagement Rate

Messenger provides better engagement, exclusivity, & relationship-building (14x value vs. email across the same campaigns). Keep your subscribers moving through your Messenger sales sequence with engaging copy to your CTA (call to action).

Messaging Automations Benefit both Your Business and Your Customers

and can be implemented on both Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Message!

20 bn msgs

Increase Marketshare

20 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and consumers every month, so messaging is already a very strong channel.

Automated Messenger™ (Facebook) and Direct Message (Instagram) chatbots allow you to gain marketshare and increase revenue.  We experience 10-25% net revenue increase in just a few months.


Add-to Carts

  • 53% of people who currently use messaging apps to communicate with brands are more likely to shop with a business they can message (Sumo)
  • 67% of customers say that the have used chatbots in the last year (Invesp)
  • Approximately 40% of people of all ages prefer to use chatbots when shopping online. (Tidio) 
  • 70% of consumers will replace their visits to brick and mortar shops or banks with their voice assistants over the next three years. (Capgemini)


Landing or Opt-in Pages

Automated Messaging chatbots (thru Messenger or Instagram DMs) take the place of traditional landing pages and opt-in forms. You can share the same information and gather the same data (name, email...) within a Messaging chatbot conversation, plus you'll gain Messenger or DM subscribers!

When you're ready to share a sale, webinar, etc... with your subscribers, you can just send a very inexpensive Sponsored Message.

Save Time & $

Complete Automation

Automated Messenger Chatbots automate everything, without you being online and can cut operational costs by 30%. Generate more sales, answer frequently asked questions, and nurture your leads.

Additionally, Click to Messenger (CTM) Facebook ad campaigns are the fastest and easiest way to build your list and can run on autopilot.


Around the Clock service

Around the clock service gives chatbots an advantage over email or social media.

  • 64% of internet users say 24-hour service is the best feature of chatbots. 
  • 83% of online shoppers said they need support before making a purchase. 
  • 37% of people use a customer service bot to get a quick answer in an emergency. (smallbizgenius 2020)


Customer Satisfaction

In 2017, 34% of consumers preferred to communicate with artificial intelligence in an online retail situation. (Statista) They want instant response from brands regarding common questions, without having to wait around, and chatbots are the best at providing fast and reliable service 24/7.  

Example Messenger™ Workflow Designs

The basic business goals of using Messenger are multi faceted: generate leads, build your lists (Messenger subscribers, email, SMS text), and increase net revenue. But ALSO do these things in a fun and engaging way that benefits the customer in terms of time-savings and value received, thus creating brand loyalty and raving fans!

VIP Program

This is just one example of what a VIP program Messenger workflow might include. This example is a fun Mexican restaurant quiz where everyone wins. :) Besides gaining another Messenger subscriber, an email address is collected and can automatically be sent to your CRM and can trigger an email automation sending the new VIP an email of how the program works and what it includes. This workflow can be easily customized for any VIP program for any business category or an entirely new VIP concept can be developed.

Social Media Contest

This is just one example of what a Social Media contest Messenger workflow might include. This little workflow IS SO POWERFUL -- it encourages engagement and shares, while generating a subscriber for your business and collecting an email address. It can be triggered to run by asking your followers to comment on the Contest post. Messenger allows for "comment triggered" workflows to be kicked off when someone comments on a particular post that you've set up to do so. Sooooo amazing!

Buyer Thank You Ad

This is just one example of what a Buyer Thank You Ad Messenger workflow might include. This little workflow IS SO POWERFUL -- it provides a recent customer a coupon code to shop again (potentially for a limited time) to get the things they left in their cart or couldn't afford. Have you experienced this yourself before? I know I have... and it works! By bringing the customer into this Messenger workflow, they are now a subscriber for your business, and you can easily and inexpensively connect with them again. It's a win/win for both the customer and the business.

Plastic Surgeon mini-consult

This mini-consult example is for a plastic surgeon's practice, but the same concept could be used for a Chiropractor, MedSpa, Real Estate practice, etc... By engaging with this Messenger mini-consult, a prospective client becomes a Messenger subscriber for the business. Appointments can be scheduled right from the Messenger conversation if an online calendar scheduling link is included and/or you can collect a phone number. The client's email address is also collected and can automatically be sent to your CRM to automatically trigger an email being sent with new patient forms (or Real Estate listings)...

Messenger™ Case Studies

We have seen case study after case study that proves Messenger's high return on invesment --> increased engagement, lower cost per lead, increased return on ad spend, increased sales, increased brand sentiment... 

Here are a few case study examples:


Seeking to boost sales, LEGO wanted to offer gift recommendations to consumers, guiding them through the company's extensive catalogue. They partnered with a marketing team and rolled out their first Messenger sequence/bot during the 2017 Christmas shopping season. Its success urged them to expand on the idea, and they launched a 2-week campaign (March 22–April 6, 2018) with expanded reach with an Easter ad and a "good report card" ad. Thru Facebook Ads Manager they were able to compare the performance and success of click-to-Messenger ads vs. click-to-website ads, as shown here: 

Happy Socks

Wanting an innovative yet playful way to sell more socks during Christmas and Valentine's Day, Happy Socks ran video ads with a click-to-Messenger objective that helped Facebook and Instagram customers navigate its 300 sock styles and find the perfect pair. They targeted ages 20-50 in more than 25 countries across Europe, Australia and North America for over the 2-month campaign. 

Blenders Eyeware

Wanting to sell more sunglasses at a more efficient cost, Blenders and the marketing agency that they hired created a Sponsored Message ad campaign. This was messaged for 2 days to people who had already taken part in a Messenger conversation with the Blender Facebook Page and to people who had shopped on its website and abandoned their cart before purchasing. [This is something that Katalytic does also for its clients who have Messenger subscribers.] The Messenger sequence/bot nurtured existing relationships and led the users to clear Call-to-Action options: “Learn More” or “Shop Now” along with a company branded image of sunglasses.  Through a split test in Facebook ads manager, Blenders was able to compare its Sponsored Message campaign to the same campaign going to other Facebook platforms (not Messenger). The results were:

Chatmatic Case Studies

Case Study 1 

Case Study 3


From Inc. Magazine - Learn the secrets to sky high ROI using chatbots on Messenger with these Top 10 Messenger Marketing hacks...

Top 10 Messenger Marketing Hacks

This just in! Messenger API will support Instagram (currently in beta testing), which increases the reach of Messenger Marketing! [update June 2021 - Instagram DM automations are now a reality!]

Messenger API will support INSTAGRAM!