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"Integrating Messenger and Dubb leverages the power of each in a new and surprising way that delights and surprises customers and increases the bottom line."

Kathleen Rumford

Kathleen @ Katalytic Digital

Our digital marketing agency works with a small number of clients in order to do what we do really well to serve each of those clients. If you're an established business / non-profit, already advertising on social media, and have good sales each month, we'd love to explore the possibility of helping you grow your list and sales. 


How We Partner with You and Your Business

Architecting and optimizing Messenger and IG Direct Campaigns can be as simple or complex as is right for each client. Our services include access, strategy, design, implementation, scaling, and optimization.

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STEP 1: Contracting

Initial Audit: We begin with an audit of your current marketing strategy and ecosystem (website, social media presence & following, current & past advertising campaigns, etc...). We make an initial proposal of how Katalytic Digital could help your business.

Determine Scope: Starting from the initial audit and your business objectives, we work with you to determine the scope of the project for your business.

Strategic Action Plan: From there, we create a Strategic Action Plan (SAP) that defines the specific services we will perform for your business, the sequence in which they will be delivered, and the cost.

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STEP 2: Design & Implementation (Mths 1-3)

Design: With your input, we will build Messaging campaigns with a specific and relevant Call-To-Action (CTA) for each campaign objective. These may be monthly promotions, holiday sales, contests, giveaways, discounts, VIP experience, retargeting ads (thank you / abandoned cart), QR codes... These will be tested by Katalytic and by members of your team for accuracy of intention.

Implementation: With your input, these messaging campaign workflows will be strategically placed on your social media , website, emails, etc... for greatest effectiveness. The campaign will be monitored and updated as needed to increase success.

IG DM Subscriber or Messenger Subscriber Generation: During this phase, each person who engages in a Messaging conversation with your business becomes a Subscriber for later engagement. During the Messaging conversation, each person may also be asked to confirm their email address (and possible phone #), which will be moved to your CRM for further engagement and email (text) campaigns.

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STEP 3: Scaling & Optimization (Mths 3-6+)

Scale Up: When the initial campaigns have demonstrated success (based on business objectives), we will discuss opportunities to scale the use of Messaging Automations within your business, looking for additional opportunities to increase leads and net-revenue. Engaging people in this way will be an ongoing part of your sales process, social campaigns, etc… the more Subscribers you get in Messenger over time, the more you can make.

Optimization: Once you have Messenger subscribers, we will run Sponsored Messages through Facebook Ads manager, reaching all of your subscribers with a message directly into their inbox. This is where the real monetization begins and we do this in a selective pattern so as not to exhaust your Messenger subscribers.