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The beauty of Optimizing your YouTube videos is that they go to work for you in a greater capacity than they have been. And they're "EVERGREEN", which means that with YouTube, unlike social media, your videos remain searchable and potentially suggestable "forever", getting more views, helping more people, and earning you more revenue!

Before we suggest what optimizations to make, we do either an initial channel audit or a full channel audit, depending on your business objectives for your channel. From there, we identify what optimizations need to be made in order to close growth gaps and revenue gaps. Then the work begins on the optimizations either performed by your team or by Katalytic Digital's team.

Optimization Service

After the channel audit is complete, Katalytic Digital's "Optimization Service" team steps in to perform the video optimizations. We usually start with a 1 month "experiment" on 30 videos so you can see proof of concept. Although it takes the full month to do all of the video optimizations, you should see an increase in views and potentially sales (if we're optimizing for conversions) within a month from completion. And this will increase over time due to the evergreen nature of YouTube.

Optimization Consult

Alternatively, after the channel audit is complete, Katalytic Digital consults with you and your YouTube team, giving our recommendations and strategy so your team can perform the video optimizations. Again, the work takes time, so expect to see an increase in a month or two after completing the video optimizations. And the evergreen nature of YouTube will allow your optimized videos to continue getting more views on and on. 

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1. Research

Research your channel’s audience metrics, traffic sources, Growth metrics, patterns in top performing videos, and identify growth gaps & revenue gaps.

2. Optimizations

Recommend Optimization strategies to close revenue gaps and growth gaps of your Channel & videos. This includes monetization and customized video optimizations.

3. Content

Recommend Content growth strategies including keyword pillars, and embedding to accelerate ranking signals of videos, plus video length, posting schedule, the use of shorts, etc...

4. Ka-ching

Recommend how to Increase Conversions using CTAs (calls to action) strategically placed, trackable links, all that’s available in Youtube to you/your channel.

What is a Channel Audit using the R.O.C.K framework?

Does Optimizing Really Matter?

YouTube's algorithm changed the latter part of 2022. Watch this video for insights on how important it is to optimize your videos (titles, thumbnails, descriptions, etc...).